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The GateStorm accomodates not less than eight gate generators, four of them for simple and four for complex patterns and lines. The modulation matrix consists of six gate inputs and eight CV inputs which can be freely assigned to an endless number of parameters: output rotation, step length, pattern length, pulse width, local and global resets, step rotation clock density and so much more.
Logic functions are included as well as presets, random modes, clock division and multiplication and a number of playback directions. And despite its complexity the module is easy and intuitively to operate due to the large display and 15 buttons.



The Gate Storm contains four complex pattern generators, A to D. They offer variable step length, variable speed (dividions or multiplications of the clock), adjustable pulse width, pattern rotation, various playback modes, inversion and random.

Furthermore there are four simpler clock generators E to H where you don't enter patterns step by step but determine the density i.e. the percentual probability of playing a gate. These patterns also have a number of parameters like pulse width, random, time base, modulation sources, inversions and so on. Logic functions combine certain patterns with others, for instance "Pattern F plays gates only hen pattern C plays none."

The trigger inputs 1 - 4 are assigned to the four complex pattern generators. The two G-Trig sockets are global trigger inputs which are assignable.

The six scaleable CV inputs aren't assignet to certain parameters. Compelx patterns, simple clock lines and the logic functions can be modulated, It is possible to change several things at several patterns in several directions at the same time which is easy to do due to a modulation matrix. Even certain or all outputs can be rotated via CV!
CV changes can happen in real-time or synchronized to a clock.


Gate Storm is a collaborative module from Erogenous Tones and Steady State Fate.


clock input, four local gate inputs, two global gate inputs, six CV inputs
eight gate outputs (A - H)


3U Eurorack module, 24HP wide, skiff friendly depth

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