Steady State Fate - GND Ctrl


The Ground Control, that is it's full name, is a compact, useful, multi-function tool module containing a number of different functions: attenuator, offset generator ,voltage meter as well a several fixed, switchable amplification factors. A lot of processing possibilities for CVs as well as audio signals.



First parameter in the signal flow is PRESET. It converts the input signal's amplitude. The rotary switch selects one of seven commonly needed conversion ratios: *.1, *.2, *.5, *1, *2 *5 and *10.
After that comes ATTEN, a signal attenuator. In it's maximal counterclockwise position it mutes the signal, totally clockwise the signal remains "unity" and is not altered.
Finally there's DC BIAS, creating an offset voltage, from -9V to +9V.
Two LEDs visualize clipping. The processed signal is available at two positive and one inverted output. The positive signal is normalized to the voltmeter.

Speaking of which: the voltmeter has a bright, high-contrast display and two button selectable modes: a virtual analog needle or a numeric value with floating point.
Instead of the processed signal you can feed the voltmeter directly with another signal at the VM input - in this case this direct signal is available for further use at the upper +OUT socket which now acts as a Thru. If no cable is plugged to the VM input it will carry the positive processed signal again.
The stabilizing function reduces the display's update rate - this is very important with really slow CVs in order to make the display work correctly.
The display can be turned off with the I/O button if not needed. This saves the display and reduces the module's current draw. The RST button is used to reset the voltmeter's software in case it shall malfunction.


input, two positive outputs, inverted output
direct voltage meter input


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 25mm deep

power consumption:
average: 45mA @ +12V and 15mA @ -12V
maximal: 66mA @ +12V and 15mA @ -12V
display off saves 11mA

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