Steady State Fate - Mixmode


Mixmode has plenty of functions: an attenuator, an inverting attenuator, precision adder and subtractor or a hi-fidelityfour channel mixer for control voltages and audio signals. Yet it features a configurable saturator which makes the ultra-clean module a distortion in a class of it's own.



Each channel has a DC coupled input with slightly more headroom than other eurorack modules, an attenuator setting the signal level from infinite attenuation to 1 and finally a buffered output. the "NM/INV" switch alternates between a normal and an inverting mode, i.e. between attenauation and inverted attenuation. The signal polarity is visualized with the RGB LED.

At channel 4's output we find the "ATT/MIX" switch which determines whether the module acts as four independent attenuator units or as a mixer. In latter case output 4 turns into a mix output. In mix mode channels with their individual output in used are removed from the sum - unless they have been jumper configured that the channel is both added to the sum and available atthe individual output, almost like a mixing desk's direct out. This behaviour can be configured for each channel.
The combination of attenuation and mixing allows for adding or subtracting CVs.

The switch on the very top right activates the saturation stage whioch turns this module, one of the cleanest mixers on the market in CLN mode (clean), into a a true distortion in SATuration mode. the clipping threshold for the positive and negative half-wave can be adjusted by trim potentiometers on the PCB. Red LEDs show the amount of saturation.

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