Steady State Fate - Propagate


Four gate delays with hot sauce, please! Indeed, the Propagate offers not less than four voltage controlled gate delay circuits which can be used independently and in a cascaded mode. The delay time and the gate length of the output can be controlled for each channel and even globally. A mix function sums all gate delays as well as an external signal. The Propagate can be turned on and off with a gate signal.
An unique function is the possibility to turn each channel into a voltage controllable PWM audio generator - what an experimental playground!



Each channel has a trigger/gate input and a pulse output emitting the delayed signal. There are two voltage controllable parameters, DELAY and SPACE and a HI/LO range mode switch.

  • DELAY sets the gate delay time. In LO mode it goes from ~20ms to 13s without CV (or max 13s with CV); in HI mode 220µs-100ms (up to 300ms with CV) i.e. audio rate delays are possible, too.
  • SPACE determines the pulse width of the output signal, from ca. 5ms to 3s in LO mode or 200µs - 100ms in HI mode - and with CV even ultra-short 10µs!! If a longer pulse width is required, you can just cascade two channels.
The trigger button is cascaded to the first channel's input making it possible to generate pulses manually. Each channel's gate output is normalized to the next channel's input as long as no cable is inserted into the input.

Global delay time and space of all four channels can be modulated simultaneously with Master Delay and Master Space CV inputs.
In addition to the individual outputs of the Propagate's four channels we find the SUM socket which is a mix output. Combined gates which overlap will turn into one long gate. The MIX input allows for adding an external signal to the mix e.g. a clock.
A cable in the ENABLE socket makes it possible to activate and deactivate the Propagave via CV (0V = off, <1V = on)


per channel: input, output, delay CV input, space CV input
global: master delay CV input, master space CV input, enable gate input, mix input, sum output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 23mm deep

Power consumption:
average: 67mA @ +12V and 34mA @ -12V
peak: 85mA @ +12V and 34mA @ -12V

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