Steady State Fate - Quantum Rainbow 2


The Quantum Rainbow module generates seven different colors of analog noise at once, each available simultaneously at an individual output.



White, pink, red, blue and purple noise are available, each of the noise colors has two individual outputs.

  • white: flat spectral power density. This is the raw sound of electrons breaking through a reverse biased semiconductor junction.
  • pink: slightly filtered -3db/oct spectral power density. Also known as 1/f noise, pink noise exhibits equal power across all proportional frequency bands.
  • red: 1-pole lowpass noise with -6db/oct spectral power density. Tthis spectrum of noise emulates Brownian Motion, also known as the random or drunken walk.
  • grey: spectral density is based on an A-weighting (sound pressure) curve which exhibits the effect of the majority of the audible spectrum being equally loud.
  • blue: +3db/oct spectral power density. the inverse of pink noise - where the power density is directly proportional to the frequency.
  • purple: +6db/oct spectral power density. purple noise has a power density directly proportional to the square of the frequency
  • quanta: binary quantized noise which sounds crackly, yet dense.


noise outputs: white, pink, red, grey, blue, purrple, quantized


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 21mm deep
Current draw 23mA @ +12V and 23mA @ -12V

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