Steady State Fate - Ultra Random Analog


Random = an event lacking predictability. The Ultra Random Analog module provides you with more than enough of this, in a number of different styles:
Three clocked stepped signals based on sample & hold circuits: two are fed by internal noise, either hard stepped or smoothed by a slew circuit plus a third flavour which alternates betweeen both S&Hs and can be fed by external signals. Then there's an entirely voltage controllable fluctuating random output, a voltage controllable generator of random gates and triggers and finally a vactrol based integrator. And as the module needs a clock, it has a wide frequency range clock generator integrated, able to track 1V/octave.



Many of the URA's functions depend on clocks or pulse signals for which reason SSF integrated a clock generator in the module. It is temperature conpensated and the frequency is controllable via a potentiometer or a CV, the latter tracking 1V per octave. Two frequency rages can be selected from.
The generated clock is normalized to some sections of the Ultra Random Analog and it is available at the CLK OUT for other use. Alternatively you can feed the module with an external clock.

Sample & Hold unit A is fed internally by an noise generator and the time point of sampling is determined by the clock generator. The output level is set with the SAMPLE-A LEVEL potentiometer. At higher clock rates the output will produce a digitalized noise whose samling rate is depending on the clock frequency. It is also possible to sample an external signal at the SAMPLE-IN socket instead of the internal noise.
Sample & Hold unit B is quite identical, only difference is that it's possible to smoothen the S&H output with the SAMPLE-B SLEW parameter.

in addition to the two S&H described above the Ultra Random Analog has another Sample & hold unit called TOGGLE A/B, which with each clock impulse alternates its sample source between the one and the other noise generator (or the external Sample In signal). To make it more interesting the clock is passed with a slight delay to produce variations. At high rate clocks FM-like sounds can be produced.

R-PULSE is a very powerful section of the module. It generates random pulse signals, independent on sample inputs or clocks. The DENSITY parameter controls manually or via CV the density of the pulses ot in other words their frequency - from sub- to audio range. Besides this the Pulse Stage Divider offers seven different clock divisors to be selected from.
R-Pulse can be used as a tuned digital noise or as a clock for the sample & holds of the module. Especially crosswise patching with other sections promises many experimantal results.

R-FLUX is a smoothely fluctuating random voltage suitable for subtle modulations, in order to add some life to an otherwise static signal. With each impulse of the external or internal clock (normalized) a new CV value is generated to which the R-Flux slowly drifts. There are two CV inputs: INFLUENCE for setting the slew rate and PROBABILITY to determine if the section is to produce rather negative or positive CVs. Additional attenuators are recommended for these CV inputs.

Behind the ominous term OPTO-INTEGRATE a slew limiter with voltage controllable slew time is hiden. Due to the fact a vactrol is used the characteristic is not linear as with other slew limiters and it also reacts better to rising edges than falling ones. You can use it with bi-polar signals. R-Pulse's output is normalized to the integrator's input i.e. it produces another smooth voltage without having to patch anything.


sample: inputs A and B, outputs A and B, toggle A/B output
clock: input, output, FM input
R-Pulse: density CV input, output
R-Flux: influence CV input, probability CV input, output
opto integrate: input, CV input, output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 33mm deep
maximal power consumption: 76mA @ +12V and 47mA @ -12V

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