Synthetic Sound Labs 2520 Segwencer


This is not a sequencer - the name alludes to the italian word "segue" which in musical context means a smooth transition. And that's what the module does - morphing, fading but also sequentially adding sounds. use it as a quad panning module or as a simple mixer. The special feature the adjustable smoothness of the transition and two different modes!



The module consists of four VCA-based channels that can be addressed via a CV at the Depth input. The addressing does not happen necessarily in a harshly switching manner (although that's possible at width = zero) but rather blending from one channel to the next one. The width parameter determines the "switching point" and the smoothness of the transition.
It's dependent on the switch how the transition works: in lower switch position a new channel will be blended in while the active will be faded out. In upper position there is no fading out: the level of the channels faded in will remain and new channels will be faded in additionally. This sounds cool when you start with a dull sound at channel 1 and add more harmonic sounds with each channel, just like an organ's crescendo. The diagram shows pretty good what happens with the 4 VCAs when the Depth CV is rising, see pictures

Each VCA has an input and an output. The inputs are cascaded. Additionally there's a mix output. This makes it possible to morph between four inputs. Or to mix a VCO's four wave forms dynamically. Or route an audio signal to four outputs, e.g. for quadrophonic appications! Or use the module as a basic vltage controleld mixer. There's a lot of possiblities, both with audio and CVs as the VCAs handle control voltages as well. Instead of a pedal at the Depth CV input you might try envelopes, LFOs or random stuff.

SSL has a nice idea, showing creative use with the Segwencer:
a) a sine wave into channel “A” out to a audio mixer
b) an LFO into channel “B” out to the VCOs CV input
c) a wavefolded sine into channel “C” out to the audio mixer?
Result: Sine, to FM modulated sine, to distorted sine.


depth CV input, four VCA inputs, four VCA outputs, mix output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 45mm deep

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