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Looking for an easy to use compressor for your modular system? With Autodyne, SSF brings the perfect solution to Eurorack, in a very compact module! It is not only great on drum modules, but also on synth sounds. Autodyne features a clearly analog sound character, a side-chain filter, parallel compression functionality and lots of gain. Thanks to its fool proof Compress potentiometer with adaptive time constant, it’s easy to dial in the right compression without the hassle of worrying about individual parameters like attack or release.  



SSF Autodyne brings compression with analog character to your modular system. With the Compress knob, you can dial in the perfect amount of dynamic reduction without worrying about the attack, release or ratio settings. The system behind this is an adaptive time constant which adjusts the compression parameter to the incoming sound.

The blend potentiometer allows you to mix the compressed with the dry signal. Thus, the knob allows you to do parallel compression. The gain potentiometer can add up to +17 dB of gain to the input signal, reinforcing the compression effect.

Autodyne also features a dedicated side-chain input. – Connect a bass drum to achieve a pumping side-chain effect. The circuit can be enabled or disabled thanks to a switch. Furthermore there is a filter in the control path, with a switch for choosing from three different filter frequency settings: 80, 150 and 330 Hz.


3U Eurorack module

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