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The Entity Percussion Synthesizer is an extremely versatile drum module. Its repertoire ranges from juicy kicks, toms and congas to beefy snares, claps, rim-shots and clicks. Freaky FM drums are another specialty of this module. Thanks to CV inputs for all parameters, sounds can develop their own life if desired. – You don’t need drums right now? Then utilize Entity Percussion as a tonally playable lead or bass voice. Feeding external audio material to its filter, wave multiplier and VCA is possible as well.



The Entity Percussion Synthesizer is composed of a resonant bandpass filter, a multimode noise generator, two envelopes, a diode wave multiplier and a VCA. Despite its flexibility, the synthesis concept is easy to understand. The bandpass is excited by a trigger signal at the input of the same name. Using the module’s pitch potentiometer, you can tune the filter in the range from 8 Hz to 2.2 kHz. A wide enough scope to generate hefty bass drums as well as squeaky bleep sounds. The Body knob determines the basic properties of the drum voice. – Should the instrument sound massive or should it have a membrane? With the Ring potentiometer, musicians can set the resonance behavior. – Would you like a dry or a wildly booming sound? An adjustable decay envelope has additional influence. Using the Delay knob, a time lag between triggers and the excitation of the main sound respectively the envelope can be added. The resulting attack noises, formed by the noise generator, are very important for snare and clap sounds. An inverted, offset version of the envelope signal is emitted at the Duck output. By connecting this socket to the control input of a VCA, you can create ducking compressor effects.

In addition to the pitch potentiometer described above, there is a bipolar FM knob, which can be used to modulate the bandpass frequency via the volume envelope and / or an external CV signal. By connecting the FM input to the output of a VCO, it is possible to create great FM sounds. The Harmonics potentiometer can be used to edit the diode wave multiplier. In detail, this control element allows you to vary the sound character between rather muffled and very present, sometimes biting even.

The noise generator is able to generate white or pink noise. Its volume can be altered via a level potentiometer and a second decay envelope. Results are mixed with the tonal sound of the filter / wave multiplier combination. The sum of both signal paths is then fed to the module’s VCA. It features another volume control. Alternatively, the noise signal can be routed to the bandpass. The result is a one-piece, very fat drum.

All parameters of the Entity Percussion Synthesizer are voltage controllable. Thanks to a 1v / octave input, the module can be played tonally over a range of four octaves. This makes it possible to use the circuit as a bass or lead voice. On top of that, there is an audio input for feeding external signals to the bandpass filter, wave multiplier and the VCA. Via a routing switch, you can choose whether the internal, external or both sounds are emitted. Alternatively, it is possible to use the audio input as a second trigger connector. It excites the filter less strongly than the main trigger input. – Perfect for generating accentuated rhythms. A Ping button can be used to activate the module directly at its front panel.

While designing the Entity Percussion Synthesizer, SSF paid great attention to the quality of the components used. – You’ll find audiophile grade op amps and discrete components in the signal paths. - Nothing less, nothing more.

3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 16mm in depth
Power consumption: 72 mA at +12 V and 125 mA at -12 V

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