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The .COM module contains comparator and divider circuits, suited for audio signals. They generate square waves out any audio signal and create four types of sub-octaves, PWM is possible as well.



The input signal is being passed thru a comparator that creates square waves. Depending on the position of the threshold control and the according threshold CV the pulse width of the signal changes and we get a pulse width modulation. A number of different sub-octaves is generated from the input as well. Follwing outputs are available:

  • output 1: direct comparator output. 50% pulse width
  • output 2: one octave below input, 50% pulse width
  • output 3: direct comparator output. 1%-49% pulse width
  • output 4: two octaves below input, 50% pulse width
  • output 5: one octave below input, 25% pulse width
  • connectors

    One audio input. One comparator output. Four suboctave outputs
    One threshold-CV input


    3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 40 mm in depth

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