STG Soundlabs Post Lawsuit LPF (Eurorack)


Excellent sounding reproduction of the low pass filter known from the later models of the ARP 2600. It´s not the Moog cascade filter ARP used first but their own fantastic design.



The filter sounds really good and very classic like an old ARP, having a simple yet effective layout.
It has controls for cutoff frequency and response (= resonance); the third potentiometer (Amount) is an attenuator for the amount CV input, turned fully clockwise it has a scale of 0.5V per octave..

The cutoff frequency can be modulated by two CVs at the "frequency inputs" sockets.


Audio: 2x signal input, 2x signal output
CV: 1x amount input, 2x cutoff input


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide,  well 105mm deep (!)

0,2 kg
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