Strange Science Instruments - M4 Advanced Stereo Mixer


The M4 is an uncompromising stereo mixer with clean, beautifully colored sound. The module adds richness and a little shine to every input signal. – Just like a high-priced studio mixer. This doesn’t mean that you have to do without typical modular features. Volume and panorama of all four channels can be voltage controlled. Thanks to individual outputs, it is possible to use the M4 as a high-grade quadruple VCA. Hot input levels cause very musical distortion.



The M4 is equipped with four channel strips. Potentiometers allow you to alter the volume and panorama of each signal path manually. High input levels lead to soft distortion. In addition to the Vol and Pan knobs, there are CV inputs for both parameters. With the help of dip switches, you can alter the range of control voltages processed by the M4. In detail, +/- 5 v and +/- 10 v are selectable. Thus, the module is perfectly suited for all kinds of modulators. The CV inputs even accept signals in the audio range. Thus, crazy amplitude modulations are easily achievable. Furthermore, there is a response switch per channel. The control element allows you to switch between linear volume control and constant dB / v characteristic.

All four channels are mixed to a stereo signal. Before the results are emitted via the module's left and right output, there is a final volume control. Two Pass Thru inputs make it possible to feed a second stereo signal directly to the master channels. This feature allows you to combine several M4 modules. Of course, other mixers, effect modules and so forth can be connected as well.

The direct outputs of the channel strips have not been mentioned so far. If a cable is inserted here, the wiring to the Master section gets interrupted. This means that individual audio paths of the M4 can be used as high-quality VCAs.


Per channel strip:
Direct output
Vol and Pan CV inputs

Master section:
Left and right audio output
Left and right Pass Thru input


3U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide, 62 mm in depth
Power consumption: 160 mA at +12 V and 140 mA at -12 V

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