Strymon - Magneto


Whether as a classic band-echo and spring reverb combination, psychedelic special effect, looper, phrase sampler or chaotic drone-oscillator, for Magneto there is a job in every patch. The digital module not only meticulously emulates the character traits analog recording and repro heads plus tape material, but goes far beyond a real tape system in many respects. Results can sound clean and modern, warm and fuzzy or dirty and distorted.




  • Tape-voiced delay machine with four playback heads and one record head
  • Processor-intense dTape algorithm delivers meticulously nuanced recreations of vintage tape echo systems
  • Three operational modes: Echo, Sound On Sound Looper, Phrase Sampler
  • Varispeed algorithm with dynamic machine mechanics, 8:1 speed range
  • Input record level for clean reproduction to warm, fat saturation
  • Self-oscillating for tone generation
  • Independent Spring Reverb
Stereo audio input and output
Clock input
Transport controls: Rec Gate, Shift, Infinite Loop, Play direction, Restart, Pause
Tap trigger input
Spring reverb level
Four clock outputs
Repeats CV input
Speed CV input

3U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide, 41 mm in depth
Power consumption: 210 mA at +12 V and 210 mA at -12 V

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