Studio electronics SE1X Nova Red Eye


Due to the 3000th SE1x produced, Studio Electronics introduces a new limited version, the SE1x NOVA (aka. "Angel Dust"). Beyond the deep black faceplate with blood-red elements there are also some technical improvments! The second VCO now has a sine wave instead a triangle; a FUZZ-distortion for a huge saturation is also on board. The envelopes became even quicker and the frequency range of the filters was expanded. Additionaly there´s a new "Custom Scroggins Techno Sound Bank" and two further enw sound banks. Therefore the Red Eye now features 693 preset sounds! So there are some reasons to have a closer look on the californian bass monster!



Monophonic analog synthesizer, 3 VCOs, each waveform can be played simulaneously, waveforms: VCO 1&3: triangle ,saw, square. VCO 2: SINE, saw, square. Sync of VCO 2&3 to VCO 1; two flters (24dB moogy lowpass, 12dB Oberheim-style low- and bandpass); 3 MIDI-syncable LFOs each with 6 waveforms; four superfast invertable ADSR envelopes capable of multitrigger; noise; glide; ring modulator; FUZZ-distortion; many modulation possibilities and MIDI controllers; display 4*20 digits; one encoder, 24 knobs and 21 illuminated buttons. 693 presets in 7 ROM banks, 396 user presets in 4 RAM banks.


In the meantime the Nova-Editions of SE1X have all the same features and same price, only the colours are different: white, red or blue!


AC in (90-250V, automatic switching); Audio In; Audio Out; MIDI In/Out/Thru;


19“, 3U, 20cm (8”) deep; weight: about 5kg (10 lbs)

5 kg
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