Studio Electronics Voiceboard für Code


A voice board for the Studio Electronics Code to expand the unit with one more voice. The Code can be expanded to a maximum of eight voices.


The voice board has the Minimoog filter included and features two slots for additional filters.


We can install the board into your Code when you are willing to ship the synth to us (well-packed of course!)

If you have technical skills, then you can install the board by yourself. In order to gain access to the boards you need to remove the top lid of the Code first by removing the screws. Then you need to unscrew one of the nuts fixing the threaded bar first and then to remove the threaded bar with all spacers. Now you can insert the new voice besides the existing boards. All cables have to be attached properly and you need to bolt the nuts of the 1/4" jack to the backside of the housing. Finally re-install the threaded bar and the spacers and close the top lid.


One audio input (for filterbank features of the Code). One individual audio output for this voice.

1 kg
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former retail price: €500.00

This item is discontinued or sold out and no longer available, please feel free to look for comparable new stuff in the following categories.


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