Subtle Noise Maker - Weird Sound Generator


Austrian manufacturer Subtle Noise Maker´s new product is a true DRONE MACHINE for thick, beating sounds. With a total of six oscillators and a nice filter very dense endless sounds can be generated.



The WSG is built up around two identical sound generator circuits, each with two dedicated audio oscillators and a modulation oscillator that can swing in audio rates as well. The modulation oscillator´s frequency and modulation intensity can be adjusted as well as the waveform. The first audio oscillator can be removed from the signal path with a flick of a switch.

Both voices are mixed together and pass a musical lowpass filter with two cutoff controls for coarse and fine cutoff adjustment and a resonance control.

On the side of the housing there´s a further control which decreases the operational voltage. By underpowering with voltage the circuitry doesn´t work anymore as intended, artefacts and noise is generated so that the WSG turns into an experimental noise generator.


Audioausgang mono,  6,35mm-Klinke

Eingang für externes 9V DC-Netzteil.


Abmessungen: 188 x 120 x 57mm, Gewicht: ca. 1kg

1 kg
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former retail price: €242.86

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