Synovatron Dm2ASb adaptor (Euro module into Analogue Systems bus)


With this adaptor you can easily connect an eurorack module to an Analogue Systems´ bus board without changing the power cable for an adaptor cable.



The Doepfer Module to Analogue System Bus adaptor (DM2ASB adaptor) enables you to use Doepfer modules/cables in the old-style Analogue Systems (AS) racks that only have 16-way DIL IC sockets or to increase the number of Doepfer-type connections on newer racks including TipTop Audio Zeus bus boards.

On one side the adaptor has a socket where you connect the plug from the Analogue Systems´ power cable. On the back is a 16-pin header that is to be inserted like a normal Eurorack module cable to the buss board. This product works with all Eurorack modules

The red stripe on the adaptor marks the -12V line, just as with Eurorack modules. When connecting to the ASys-busboard it has to show to the BOTTOM!


ATTENTION: Installation and use of the adaptor on own risk only. Neither Synovatron nor Analogue Systems are to blame when something will damage due to incorrect installation!

For connecting an AnalogueSystems module to a Eurorack power distirbution there is another Synovatron adaptor available, the ASm2DB.

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