Synthesis Technology - E340 Cloud Generator


The E340 simultaneously generates eight digital oscillators that can be detuned in relation to each other. The result ranges from soft beatings over supersaw-ish rave pads to organ-like sounds.



The module contains 8 digital oscillators with the waveforms sawtooth and sine. A switch on the front panel activates either 2, 4 or 8 oscillators playing simultaneously

There are three special controls/CV-inputs:

  • SPREAD - the frequencies of the active VCOs are being detuned. Some go higher, some go lower, one VCO stays at the original frequency.
  • CHAOS - modulates the VCO´s frequencies by bandpass filtered noise.This results in a fluttering of all frequencies. As eight different filters are used, no VCO will flutter the same way. At maximum position the output carries almost white noise.
  • CHAOS BW (band width) - this controls the bandpass filters´ 'Q' from narrow (minimum) to very wide (maximum). The wider the band width, the faster the modulations will occur

The sonic material ofthe E340 is very wide as it reaches from massive 8-oscillator-basslines up to a "swarm-of-bees" effect.The E340 has also normal VCO parameters like coarse and fine tuning controls for frequency, exponenial FM hard sync for all eight oscillators.


inputs:1V/octave, FM, Sync, Spread-CV, Chaos-CV, Chaos BW-CV
outputs: sawtooth and sine output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 47mm deep
Current draw 55mA at +12V and 25mA at -12V

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