Synthesis Technology - E350 Morphing Terrarium


Unique wavetable VCO with 2 independent waveform outputs. What sets the E350 apart from previous wavetable oscillators is the voltage-controlled two-dimensional morphing. Sound is really good and clear.



The module ships with 3 banks of 64 'basic' waveforms (192 total). Each bank of 64 waves is arranged in memory as an 8x8 array, like a chess board.
The 'rows' are called 'the X direction' and the columns are 'the > direction'. The 2 panel controls and the 2 external control voltages (morph X and morph Y) scan the two axes. The third control voltage is called 'Z morph', and it determines the waveshape at the Z out. The Z control voltage 'scans' then wavetable bank from wave #1 (think as row 1, column 1) to wave #64 (row 8, column 8). For example: if X morph is set to 2, and Y morph is set to 5, the signal at XY out is the waveform stored at row 2, column 5 (the 13th wavetable). The Z out is completely independent of XY out, so if the morph Z knob is at 48, then the 48th wavetable (row 6, column 8) is the output


  • coarse/fine - initial frequency of the vco
  • FM: attenuates the voltage on the fm jack 0-100%
  • Morph Y - sets the starting point of the XY out waveshape in a row
  • Morph Y - sets the starting point of the XY out waveshape in a column
  • Morph Z - sets the starting point of the Z out waveshape (scans the entire bank)
  • Bank - selects the wavetable bank:
    • A: sine/hammond organs
    • B: widely varies
    • C: LFO shapes/noise
  • Range - selects the operating range of the vco frequency


Manhattan Analog's MTX is an expander module for the Morphing Terraium bringing jumper-selectable functions to the front.


1V/octave input and FM input for frequency control. sync input
Morph CV inputs for X, Y and Z
audio outputs for XY and Z


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 30mm deep
Current draw 55mA@ +12V and 25mA@ -12V

1 kg
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