Synthesis Technology - E580 Resampling Mini-Delay


The E-580 is a very nice and clean sounding digital delay module with resampling and different operating modes (clean, BBD and tape).



operating modes:

  • clean
  • BBD: simulates a bucket brigade device (BBD) based delay
  • tape: simulates a tape echo

The delay output always gives the full delay time set with the according control, the tap output gives a delay time which stands in a percentual relationship to the delay time. This value is being set with the Tap-Offset control and/or the offset CV. Send the two outputs to two channels with hard L/R panning and you will get nice ping pong delays.

Feedback can be either positive or negative and goes up almost to a very dense self-oscillation. A jumper on the PCB sets if the fed back signal comes from the delay out or the tap out. Latter setting gives very interesting effects when modulating the tap parameter.


Audio: input, delay output, tap output
CV inputs: delay time, dry/wet-mix, amount of feedback, tap offset


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 33mm deep
power consumption: 90mA from +12V, 20mA from -12V

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