Synthesis Technology - E951 Looping Expansion


The E951 Looping Expansion for the E950 Bent VCO adds an OLED status display, voltage control of Bank selection as well as three pushbuttons and two external triggers for looping the LPC speech data, in either Short or Long Loops.



The E951 Looping Expander has three buttons which affect the speech mode, not the VCO mode. "Speak" plays the selected word, "Short" repeats a short portion of the word as long as the button is pressed, "Long" a longer fragment. The short and long loops can also be activated with gate and trigger signals which is just fantastic for totally weird sounds.
MODE switch determines whether "Short" and "Long" work MOMENtarily or LATCHing.

The "Bank" input and the according bi-polar attenuator "Bank Mod" are used for voltage controlled bank switching of the E950 Bent VCO.

The clear and sharp OLED display visualizes the selected bank, the word, the mode, the loop state as well as the waveform, the glitch mode and more.


The expander attaches to the E590 with a supplied 3-wire cable. It is not powered by the E950 but needs to be connected to the busboard as well.


Bank CV input, two gate / trigger loop inputs


3U Eurorack expander module, 10HP wide

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