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Entire synthesizer voice in one Eurorack module. Fat sound due to 2 VCOs and a really nice souding filter. Handbuilt in Germany.



Sound generation: 2 analog VCOs with pulse and sawtooth (or saw and pulse on VCO2), linear frequency modulation, sync and portamento. 32´, 16´ and 8´. Ring modualtor, white noise and pink noise can be added in the mixer section.

LFO with triangle, square and staircase waveforms. Three selectable time ranges allow for speeds from 1 minute per cycle up to 30Hz. A potentiometer controls the mosulation amount. the LFO can be used as a source for autotrigger and sampleandhold.

Attack-Decay-envelope with switchable sustain. Attack time from 4ms to 4s, Decay time from 10ms to 15s. In autotrigger mode the envelope is being periodically triggerered by the LFO.

The filter´s a classic 24dB Moog lowpass filter with resonance and keytracking. A CV input for controlling the cutoff frequency and an external audio input are available. adjustable modulation by the envelope.


CV: CV- und Gate-Eingang. zwei CV-Eingänge für lineare Frequenzmodulation von VCO1 und VCO2. CV-Eingang für Filter-Cutoff. Externer Modulationseingang (überbrückt den LFO)

Audio: Pre-VCF-Ausgang (nach dem Mixer), High-Level-Ausgang (Modularsystem-Pegel), Low-Level-Ausgang (Linepegel). Externer Audioeingang (vor dem Filter)


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 42TE breit, 28mm tief

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