Synthetic Sound Labs 2610 V-Gates


Versatile module for creating gate signals that can be generated either in dependance on a voltage at the input or in sync with an external clock and it´s pulse length. The eight outputs can provide gates sequentially, in a binary manner or addressed by CV.



The 2610 has two Modes ? analog und digital - each with three Functions. Functions (and sub-functions) allow control over how the outputs respond to the input. Sub-functions in digital mode, allow the outputs to selectively follow the input pulse width and control up/down actions. Sub-functions in analog mode, controls the number of outputs affected by the input CV.

In Analog mode, the 2610 follows an input control voltage (CV) to produce unique combinations of output gate signals. Binary, Step and Slope functions are available. A clock output is available that produces a 1 millisecond (ms) pulse for each change of output state. In Digital mode, the outputs change in step with the input clock. Binary, Step and Randon functions are available.

This makes the 2610 very useful in creating rhythmic patterns, as well as random (no patterns) outputs. The outputs respond from DC to over 400 Hz, although less than 60 Hz is recommended. Sharp input slopes, such as a square wave, are recommended for accurate timing. A reset input may be used to return the output stages to in initial state.


1x Reset-Eingang (CV-Eingang im Analogmodus), 1x Clock-Eingang (Clock-Ausgang im Analogmodus), Acht Gate-Ausgänge


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 33mm deep.

Current draw:
with +5V supplied externally: 5mA@+12V, 3mA@-12V and 16mA@+5V
with +5V generated internally: 12mA@+12V, 3mA@-12V and 16mA@+5V

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