Synthrotek - ADSR


A small and snappy envelope generator with some very useful features like global voltage control of the stages' lengths, two modes, self cycling and short minimal times. Very handy are the faders which are so useful with envelopes!



The envelope generator can be used either as an Attack-Release or as an Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelope. The mode is determined with the left switch which has another function as well: when the gate input is unpatched the switch will act as an on/off for the loop function.
The curve characteristic is selectable between linear and exponential with the other switch.

The module has two CV inputs:ADSR modulates globally all times for attack, decay (and in ADSR mode also release time), while REL affects release time only. The REL-CV is added to the other CV to make longer release times possible.
The time range is the same for all segments: 4ms to 2s and up to approximately 4s with CVs.

LEDs at each fader visualise the currently active stage


gate input, envelope output
global ADSR time base CV input, Release time CV input


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 40mm deep
current draw: 30mA at +12V only

0.072 kg
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