Synthrotek - Deluxe Power Module (5A, 4HP)


Most power for the best money! The Deluxe Power knows how to impress with 90W and it offers 5 Amperes of current for your modular system!
The 4HP wide faceplate has a USB socket providing +5V to which you connect consumers like an USB lamp or USB-powered devices. Great idea as the system provides for a lot of +5V!

Recommended by case manufacturers as the best power solution!



For understanding: This module contains only the power solution. It does not contain power distribution boards, flying bus boards or an external power supply. These components have to be purchased separately.

The Deluxe Power provides you with

  • 2A @ +12V
  • 1,5A @ -12V
  • 1,5A @ -5V
The USB socket at the faceplate provides you with a +5V voltage and can be used to connect an USB lamp or other USB-powered devices. A great idea, as the Deluxe Power generates more than enough power at +5V.
Besides this at the front you will find the power inlet with a lockable 2.1mm barrel connector, three LEDs for visualtizing the operational voltages and an on/off switch.


We recommend to create the power supply entirely with Synthrotek components.
The Molex connector on the Power module are compatible with the great Noise Filtering Bus Board (suitable cables are available separately).
In order to use full 5A of power you should use a 90W strong power supply. The "Universal Power Brick" by Synthrotek is recommended as it's lockable connector is compatible to the module's power inlet.


front: 2.1mm barrel socket for external 15-28V DC power supply, USB socket

rear: one "quick release" Molex-style power terminal for connecting to a Synthrotek Noise Filtering Busboard
two 16-pin headers for conencting to flying bus boards


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, Skiff friendly 29mm deep

0.2 kg
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