Synthrotek - DLY (Delay)


Just like his small brother, the Echo, also the DLY is built around the same semi-digital bucket-brigade IC (PT2399) and thus has a similar character. But it has been improved in a few points, is more useful as a delay and has a dry/wet function now.
Doesn't cost much, sounds metalllic and really good, unless you reach the IC's extreme ranges where interesting artifacts happen. :)


The module's delay time range goes from 30 miliseconds to approx. 1.13 seconds and this parameter is voltage controllable.
An important difference, compared with the ECHO, is the new dry/wet control.
The feedback parameter is voltage controllable on the DLY.
Soundwise the Delay is a little more duller than the Echo as the internal lowpass filter's cutoff frequency is lower.

On the circuit board you will find two trimm potentiometers. One is used for setting the delay time range which is accessible via the front delay potentiometer. Above the Echo's 3h position the PT2399 IC shows a glitchy behaviour - with the trimmer you can move this point to the pot's maximum. Or don't do it, if you like the glitchy, chaotic sound and want it to be prominent.
The other trimmer limits the maximum feedback amount e.g. to prevent the feedback pot in maximum position or high CV values to cause self-oscillations.


input, output
CV inputs: delay time, dry/wet


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 46mm deep
current draw: 56mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

0.2 kg
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