Synthrotek - DS-M


Flexible durm voice with one VCO and a noise generator with three timbres allows for many percussive sounds. An integrated LFO and a CV input take over frequency modulation duties. The trigger input is dynamic. Actually the DS-M is almost a whole synth voice!



The sound generation section of the DS-M consists of a VCO and a noise generator between which you can blend with the Mix potentiometer:

  • The VCO can be tuned with the potentiometer of the same name and the "sweep" control is in charge of pitchbending. Frequency range: ~5Hz-2.6kHz. The frequency can be voltage controlled and if desired you can calibrate the CV input to 1V/octave which makes tracking over 4 octaves between C0 and C4 possible.
    A LFO is used for modualting the frequency as well and because of it's range to go up to audio frequency you can easily create bell-like and atonal sounds
  • Noise: three very different timbres of noise to select from. Ideal for snares, cymbals etc.

The trigger input of the DS-M is dynamic and the "sens" potentiometer determines trigger amplitude which necessary to trigger the internal decay envelope but at the same time it's a volume control. Speaking of the envelope: hidden on the PCB is an trimmer for setting attack.

Summary: we've got a VCO and noise, a VCA with AD envelope, then for a LFO and pitch bending for frequency modulation. Ad the gate/trigger and CV inputs... this is enough to use the DS-M like a small synth voice!


Trigger input, CV input, audio output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 44mm deep
Current draw: 20mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

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