Synthrotek - MIDI to CV


This MIDI interface definitely stands out because monophonic conversion of MIDI notes (from MIDI In or USB) into CV and gate as well as MIDI Clock to analog clock is one function only. As the USB port in this module can send data too, you might as well convert MIDI data from the DIN socket to USB MIDI (or the other way round) and convert analog clock into MIDI Clock.
Let's read the sentence one again: use your modular system for generating a MIDI master Clock and synchronise for instance your computer to your modular!!!



Following 3.5mm (1/8") sockets can be found:

  • CV: note control voltage with 1V/octave, converted from the MIDI Note
  • GATE signal which has been converted from the MIDI Note. (0-10 V)
  • AUX CV: an additional colntrol voltage which reads either the MIDI Velocity, Modulation Wheel or Aftertouch.
  • CLK IN: input for the analog clock, to be converted into MIDI Clock.
  • CLK OUT: emits the MIDI clock as an analog clock signal.

For digital communication the module has three connectors: a USB port, a MIDI In and a MIDI Out:

  • The USB connector works like a normal USB-MIDI adapter and can both send and receive data. It is class compliant i.e. it doesn't need drivers. Data which are sent to the USB port will be emitted at the MIDI OUT and they also drive the outputs CLK, AUX, CV and GATE.
  • Signals at the DIN socket MIDI IN are not only converted to CVs at the aforementioned minijacks but they are also sent to the USB port and the MIDI Out.
  • The MIDI Out acts as a MIDI Thru, merging the signals which are present at the USB MIDI In and the DIN MIDI In.

The reset button has two functions: pressed once it is used as a panic button to deactivate a stuck note by sending a MIDI Stop message and closing all gate signals. Press the button for two seconds to select the desired note priority: low note priority, high note priority or last note priority.
The MIDI channel is set on the back of the module using four jumpers.


MIDI In & Out, USB connector
clock in, clock out, CV out, Gate out, Aux CV out


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 46mm deep
current draw: 85mA @ +12V and 8.5mA @ -12V

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