Synthrotek - MST Low Pass Filter


Very nice and pretty compact low pass filter with two simultaneous slopes (-12dB and -24dB). It has voltage control of resonance and can be used as a sine wave oscillator at very high resonance settings.



The filter's layout is pretty clear: it has potentiometers for setting cutoff frequency and resonance. Both parameters are voltage controlled and the modulation depth of each CV can be adjusted with atttenuators.
The MST low pass filter can oscillate and thus be used as a sine wave oscillator becuase it has a 1V/octave input for controlling it's frequency.

Two slopes are available simultaneously: -12dB and -24dB per octave.


The MST series is a cooperation between Synthrotek and George Mattson, the designer of the the Mattson Mini Modular.


audio: input, -12dB output, -24dB output
cutoff CV inputs: 1x 1V/oct, 1x attenauted
Q CV input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 35mm deep
maximal current draw: 23.5mA at +12V and 15.5mA at -12V

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