Synthrotek - Nandamonium


A dual drone monster with echo and voltage control, that's what Synthrotek's Nandamonium is about. It consists of two NAND synthesizer circuits with three oscillators each and a great delay you might know from their "Echo" Eurorack module.


The Nandamonium contains two NAND-based synths, each having three tunable square wave oscillators and a volume control. Oscillators 1 and 2 can be turne off with switches.
Each NAND synth has a CV input for controlling it's operational voltage level, which makes the NAND go crazy and making weird sound when the voltage is decreasing, simulating a starving battery.

If you want, the signal of the maximum six oscillators can be sent through a delay which is based on a PT2399 integrated circuit. Three parameters are controllable: delay time, effect mix and feedback.
In addition there are two buttons: "Burst" introduces full feedback into the circuit momentarily and creates sick percussive sounds. "Warp" makes the sound more brilliant, as if it would be played through a small speaker.


1/4" CV inputs 1 & 2
1/4" mono audio output
input for external 9V DC "Boss style" power supply (not included)


cast aluminium housing

0.7 kg
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