Synthrotek - Noise Filtering Distribution Board


This passive bus board's main feature are the noise filtering capacitors located at three locations of the board. They reduce noise and bleedthru between modules and provide for clean signals. 17 connectors for modules are more than competitors' busboards offer.



The Noise Filtering Distribution Board works best in combination with the Deluxe Power by SynthRotek because of the 6-pin Molex connectors, but in theory you can solder any power cable to it. There are two such connectors - one goes to the Deluxe Power module and the other passes the operational voltages to another Noise Filtering Distribution Board.
Suitable Molex connector cables are available separately and we recommend the shorter one for connecting two distro boards with each other while the longer is better to connect to the Deluxe Power. The distribution board comes with an adaptor cable (Molex conenctor on one side, open cable ends on the other side) whihc allows connecting to other power supplies.

Up to 17 modules can be connected to the keyed 16-pin connectors.

Three LEDs display if the operational voltages (+12V, -12V and +5V) are available correctly at the distro board.

The distribution board can be cut down to desired length to fit your case.
Spacers and wood screws for mounting inside your case are supplied.


Two 6-pin Molex-style connectors

seventeen 16-pin headers for connecting modules.


33 x 406mm (1 5/16in x 16in)

0.1 kg
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