Synthrotek - Super Power Blue


Warning, high voltages! – Super Power Blue is the most beefy power supply currently available from Synthrotek. The module is not an updated version of an old circuit, but was developed from scratch. Besides raw power, it is also focused on safety. Thanks to two types of connectors, Blue can be used with Flying Bus Cables as well as Noise Canceling Distribution Boards. A USB port allows the connection of a MIDI controller or gooseneck lamp.



Super Power Blue is the official successor of the Deluxe Power module, a power supply which comes highly recommended by several case manufacturers. Besides excellent performance, the circuit offers lots of safety features to prevent short circuits, overheating and so on. Furthermore, Blue’s noise floor is very low.

Key data:

  • 3 A at +12 V
  • 2.5 A at -12 V
  • 1.5 A at +5 V

Super Power Blue comes with two 16-pin connectors for Flying Bus Cables which are keyed for safety. Additionally, there is a Molex quick-release connector for installing Synthrotek Noise Filtering Distribution Boards. A USB jack (+5 V) at the front panel allows the user to power equipment like a MIDI controller or a gooseneck lamp with the module.

An external power supply is required for operation. Furthermore, at least one Flying Bus Cable or Noise Filtering Distribution Board is necessary for connecting modules. All those parts are sold separately.

To guarantee the highest performance and safety possible, we recommend to build power supply systems based on Super Power Blue only with original Synthrotek bus boards and bricks.

On the front: 2,1 mm jack for an external power brick (16 to 19 V DC), USB connector
On the back: One Molex quick-release connector and two 16-pin Eurorack power connectors


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 46 mm deep

0.07 kg
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