System 80 - 850


The 850 is a well-equipped utility module. It features a voltage controllable LFO with four waveforms and reset function, a sample & hold stage, two noise colors and a slew limiter. The clock of the S&H circuit can be misused as a second LFO. – A great combination of functions, especially for beginner systems.



The 850 consists of four functional areas. More precisely, there is a LFO, a sample & hold stage, a noise generator and a slew limiter.

The LFO offers the waveforms sine, triangle, saw-tooth and rectangle. You can influence its frequency via a range switch, a frequency potentiometer and a control voltage input. Furthermore, there is a reset input and an adjustable delay stage.

The 850 generates white and pink noise, which are emitted via individual outputs.

The sample & hold circuit can be controlled internally or externally. The rate of the built-in clock generator is adjustable via a knob. Pink noise, sine respectively triangle of the LFO or an external signal can be chosen as the material to be sampled. The clock generator may be used as a second LFO with triangle wave.

Glide generator with input, output and Rate potentiometer. Without a cable patched, the In socket is normalized to the S&H output.


Frequency CV input
Reset gate input
Signal output

Two outputs for white and pink noise

Sample input
Clock input
Signal output
Triangle LFO output

Signal input
Signal output


3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, 28 mm in depth
Power consumption: 40 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V

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