T-Rex - Replicator Module


A genuine tape delay for modular systems – The Replicator uses a real tape loop plus recording and repro heads to generate echo effects. The speed of the motor can be controlled via a potentiometer, a tap function and a CV input. Low-pass filter, chorus option and adjustable tape saturation allow you to vary the sound character. The results are reminiscent of classic effect units from the 70s. – Soothing and atmospheric.



The Replicator records audio material on a tape loop and reproduces the sound using two repro heads. A saturation potentiometer makes it possible to add some tape saturation. High values lead to smooth distortion. The second repro head is twice as far away from the recording head as the first one, thus it generates echoes at half speed. In addition, the second repro head is not as loud as the first one, giving effects some rhythmic feel. The delay time is determined by the speed of the tape motor. As known from classic tape delays, the speed of the motor has significant influence on the pitch and timbre of the resulting effects. The speed can be adjusted via a potentiometer, a tap button and a CV input. Possible time values are:

  • First repro head: 175 to 680 milliseconds
  • Second repro head: 350 to 1360 milliseconds

With the help of a button, you can activate the first and / or second repro head. The number of repetitions is determined by the feedback knob and a CV input. High values lead to self-oscillation. A switchable low-pass filter allows you to attenuate high frequencies. This also reduces typical noise artifacts. A chorus function modulates the pitch if desired.

The Replicator emits either a mix of dry and wet material or the sound of the effect only. Using the bypass switch, the delay can be deactivated quickly.


Please note: The recording and repro heads of the Replicator should be recalibrated from time to time. (This takes about two minutes of your time.)

The Replicator's tape is housed in a replaceable cartridge. A second tape is included.

We recommend that you give the Replicator its own case. The Doepfer LC1 respectively LC1v is a great choice, as it offers enough space for the tape echo and a A-181 adapter multiple.


Audio input and output
Time and feedback CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 44 HP wide, 38 mm in depth
Power consumption: 350 mA at +12 V and 175 mA at -12 V

0.922 kg
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