The Harvestman - Double Andore MkII


The Double Andore's Mk2-version is also a dual digital envelope, featuring a cycle mode, digital waveshaping, integrated VCAs and cross modulations betweeen channels.
In comparison to the Mk1 the new version is much more reliable and stable but has been improved in a number of ways and the face plate layout is more comprehendible.



Both of Double Andore MkII's sections are the same:
Similar to a a function generator you can use each as an attack-decay envelope, as an attack-sustain-decay envelope, as a slew limiter or as a LFO in Cycle mode. An assignable CV input accepts CVs from 0V to 5V and can be scaled with a polarizer.
The envelope's characterstic is set with the Shape parameter from logarithmic to exponential, with a potentiometer and CV.
There are two envelope outputs: a scalable one with bipolar attenuator and one with positive polarity and 0-7V level. The EOA/EOD socket emits pulses, either after finishing the Attack stage or the Decay stage; in LFO mode it's a square output with pulse width control.

Each section has a linear VCA which is internally connected to the envelope. The intensity of the envelope modulation can be set with a bipolar attenuator. The VCA features a signal input and a 0-8V CV input for modulating the amplitude. The VCA Drone fader opens the VCA manually. The level of a cross modulation between both VCAs is adjusted with the X-Mod potentiometer.

The VCA-OUT department gives oyu individual outputs for each VCA and a mix output. Which means the Doiuble Andore is two envelopes/LFOs, two VCAs and an output mixer. This is half of a synthesizer voice!

Compared to the precedessor the cross modulation range has been extended, the face plate got narrowed and a slew mode was implemented. Some functions are directly accessible.


Other features such as additional envelope stages, envelope mixing, and wavetable-based envelope curves shall become available in the future with a small expansion module.


per section:
- Envelope: input (0-10V), CV input (0-5V), Shape-CV input (0-5V), EOA/EOD output, variable output, 0-7V output
- VCA: signal input, CV input (0-8V), signal output

common Mix output


3U Eurorack module, 19HP wide, 42mm deep
Current draw 225mA.

0.222 kg
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