The Harvestman Double Andore


Not in production anymore; replaced by Mk2 version.

Another module in the nowadays popolar manner of dual modules. Here a envelope generator with digital waveshaping and a VCA are offered per "channel". The envelope generator has a number of of wavetables for changing it´s shape and probably you will have the possibility to expand the number of wavetables in future, similar to the Piston Honda´s ROMS.
The VCAs can operate in LIN or EXP mode. Crossmodulation between them is possible as well.



The Double Andore consists of two identical sections, divided in two parts:

The upper part is an envelope generator with three modes (AD envelope, AHD envelope and LFO). The shape of the envelopes can be changed by digital waveshaping thru wavetables (2 banks at 16 wavetables). The chosen wavetable is displayed and usually affects attack and decay times simultaneously but there is an alternative mode where you can set different curve shapes each for the attack and the decay time.

Each envelope has a CV input that can be assigned to the attack time, the  decay time or the waveshape. Negative voltages are also accepted.
Besides the 0-8V CV output of the envelope each envelope also has 0-10V gate outputs for end-of-attack and end-of-decay. A mirror gate input inverts the envelope when a gate is applied, a gate at the freeze input will freeze the envelope.

The bottom part is a VCA. The output of the overlaying envelope is normalized to the CV imput of the VCA but this normalization can be overridden by inserting apatch cord to the CV input. The LAW buton switches between a linear and an exponential characteristic of the VCA. The exponential mode can distort if excess audio or control input is given, and its sensitivity can be adjusted by an internal trimmer. If oyu press the LAW button for two seconds the internal cross modulation by the other VCA will be activated.

The two jack in the middle are mix outputs, the upper one for the mix of envelopes.This mixer is a maximum circuit that outputs only the highest voltage from the two envelopes, with a balance control to adjust the strength of each input. The VCA mixer simply mixes the output of both amplifiers with no additional controls necessary.


Pro Hüllkurve: Eingänge für Trigger, Mirror, Freeze, CV. Ausgänge für CV, End-Of-Attack und End-Of-Decay

Pro VCA: Signal Ein- und Ausgang, CV-Eingang

Mischausgänge für Hüllkurve und VCA


3HE-Eurorack-Modul. 21TE breit, 42mm tief.   Stromverbrauch 225mA

1 kg
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