The Harvestman Quotile Ultimatum


Quotile Ultimatum is a quad polarizer mixer module with master offset and a LED-bargraph for displaying 1V steps.

The module has been developed for using it together with the Zorlon Cannon but it will also work for itself with any other signal inserted.



Basically the Quotile Ultimatum is a "polarizing mixer" with four input channels and a master polarizer at the output.

The Quotile Ultimatum can be connected to the back of the Zorlon Cannon by a flat ribbon cable. It will receive the four random gates from ZoCa´s bottom unit and mix them in a bi-polar manner. This will create a four-bit sequence at the output, similar to Blacet´s Binary Zone.

A polarizer at the output sets the level and polarity  of the output signal. A 10-stage LED bargraph that is calibrated to 1 volt shows the momentary voltage from -5V to 5V.


Vier Eingänge, ein Ausgang


3HE Eurorack-Modul. Modulbreite 8TE, Modultiefe 30mm, Stromverbrauch: 50mA

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