The Harvestman - Sound Of Thunder MkII


Sound of Thunder MarkII - the expansion module for the TymeSefari MkII. It allows for using the TS2 in stereo mode, selecting of other audio formats (8, 12 and 16Bit) and circuit bending efects.



The Sound of Thunder MkII makes it possible to use the Tyme Sefari MkII in stereo by adding second audio input and output sockets. The input level for the right channel can be adjusted separately.

Different functions can be activated by eight toggle switches and according gate inputs (0/5V):

  • The four FORMAT switches change the Tyme Sefari´s recording audio format from the standard 16Bit to other formats, infuencing the playback speed. 12Bit linear has a slightly lower quality. the other formats double the recording time: 12Bit logarithmic compresses the signal into one single byte and 8Bit emulates the behaviour of the old Tyme Sefari.
  • PITCH activates a raw pitch shifter effect: the playback runs with half of the speed of the recording and cun be adjusted with the big frequency knob. When feedback is activated interesting "crystal" sounds causing the pitch of the delayed audio signal to endlessly travel in one direction
  • STEREO activates the stereo mode
  • BEND stands for circuit bending. It will skew the internal data and address busses of the tyme sefari in unpredictable ways and generate digital distortion and much more.

One audio input, one audio output
8 gate inputs for changing the audio format, activation the pitch shifter, activating the stereo mode and for circuit bending.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide
To be connected internally to the Tyme Sefari MkII, causes it to draw 5mA more current.

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