The Harvestman - Zorlon Cannon MkII


Dual voltage controlled random generator for pulse signals and pitched digital noise. The design of the module is inspired by the unique sound engine of vintage Atari computers. The MkII version of the Zorlon Cannon is an entirely new circuit and each sub-unit has four individual outputs, a mix output and editable settings per output



The Zorlon Cannon is based on two linear feedback shift registers (LFSR) with up to 16 bit length. The module has internal mixers and external inputs. The soud settings are visualtized with a bargraph LED display amd am emcoder makes editing of each output easy. Per output you can set the length of the shift register (up to 16Bit) and the configuration of the steps which can be memorized. Each sub-unit has an integrated, voltage controllable clock generator but can be also synchronized to external clocks. You an also use one half of the module to clock the other.
The upper section ist optimized for generating gates, the bottom one for audio. Each section has four individual outputs and a mix output where you can mix each output with bipolar attenuators. Mixing creates random pulse sequnces in the upper section and allows for blending the timbres and random signals in the bottom section.


common SEED input
per section: external clock input, 4 random trigger outputs, mix output, frequency CV input


3U Eurorack module, 15HP wide, 31mm deep

0.155 kg
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