Tiptop Audio Bat Filter card for Z-DSP


Card with additional filter programs for TipTop Audio´s Z-DSP module. Contains eight different voltage controllable digital filters.


Program 1: Dual Stereo 8-Pole Low Pass filter
Program 2: Dual 8-Pole Band Pass
Program 3: 4-Pole High Pass / Low Pass in series
Program 4: 4-Pole High Pass / Band Pass in series
Program 5: 8-Pole Triple Band Reject (notch filters)
Program 6: 8-Pole High Pass / Band Reject in series
Program 7: Stereo Resonator: a unique, dynamically varied structure of filters
Program 8: Stereo 8-Pole High Pass Filter with Stereo Spread control


ca. 35 x 17mm

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