Tiptop Audio - BitROT (Z-DSP card)


The BitROT card enables the Z-DSP module to generate effects from ring modulation to distortion. All algorithms feature a beefy sound character. Thanks to a constant set of parameters, the Z-DSP’s sequential algorithm selection feature can be used very well with BitROT. Especially drum beats and basses benefit greatly from the resulting effect changes.


BitROT offers wave combination and distortion effects for people who like it rough. The constant set of parameters makes it possible to switch between algorithms at any time. – Even while there are some modulations going on. A little reminder: The Z-DSP allows you to switch between effects using a trigger signal. The sequence direction can be changed with the help of a control voltage. Alternatively, it is possible to address algorithms directly. This means that, using a CV sequencer, you can create patterns with a different effect per step.


ca. 35 x 17 mm

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