Tiptop Audio - Clocked Delay (Z-DSP card)


Effect card for the Z-DSP by Tiptop Audio which offers eight stereo delay programs. Their delay time is syncable to an external clock and the adjustable clock divders allow for various clock ratios when using ping pong delays.
Some programs have a clear sound, others have a filter in the feedback loop.


There are two kinds of programs: MONO and DUAL.
Mono programs sum both inputs into one mono signal which is being processed by one delay line. Separate taps with different ratios are routed to the outputs. maximum delay time is 1000ms.
Dual programs use two individual delay lines which are fed by the separate inputs. The clock ratios are maximum 0.5 and maximum delay time is 500 miliseconds.


  1. Mono L/R Clocked Taps: mono delay. Only analog feedback possible. Div L and Div R determine six entirely different clock ratios for L and R.
  2. Mono Clocked Low Pass: mono delay with low pass filter. Divide selects different clock ration for both channels, Fdb+LP controls low pass' cutoff frequency and the feedback amount.
  3. Mono Clocked Fdbk+HPF: mono delay with high pass filter and feedback. Divide selects different ratios, simultaneously for both channels, Fbk+HP controls high ass filter's cutoff frequceny and feedback amount.
  4. Mono Clocked Bandpass: mono delay; band pass filter with fixed frequency in the feedback loop. Divide selects different ratios of the channels, Fb+Q controls feedback and resonance
  5. Dual Clocked Delays: two separate delay lines. Div L and Div R determine ratios, individually for L and R.
  6. Clocked Ping Pong: mono mix goes into delay 1, its output into delay 2. Divide controls common ration (same for L+R), Fdbk the feedback amount.
  7. Dual Clocked HPF: duel delay with high pass filter. Divide sets different clock divisors, for both channels simultaneously, HFP the cutoff frequency.
  8. Dual Clocked Feedback: dual delay with low pass filter and feedback. Divide selects different clock divisors simultaneously for both channels, Fdbk controls cutoff frequency and feedback.


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