Tiptop Audio - Grain de Folie (Z-DSP card)


"Grain de Folie" is a card for the TipTop Audio Z-DSP working with a simple granular synthesis, customized for the Z-DSP. Eight great granular effects with ranom grain position are available which differ in density, stereo width and grain size and some feature pitch modulation.


All programs have a random grain position. The left control and the CV input have always the same function, activating one of three different states:

  • Off = live processing of audio which is fed constantly into the delay.
  • 1-25 % = Freeze buffer. No audio is fed into the delay.
  • 26-100 % = processed audio is fed back to the input. The higher the value the more feedback. Glitches happen at high settings.


  1. Four spread grains #1: control of length and position. Two grains are output left and two right in the stereo field.
  2. Four spread grains #2: control of length and position. All grains have the same size, reducing the stereo width.
  3. Pitch modulated grains #1. Control of each grain's pitch by LFO. Two grains are emitted on left channel, two other on the right one.
  4. Pitch modulated grains #2. Control of each grain's pitch but with a lower amount than Program 3. Two grains to the left, two to the right.
  5. Three pitches grains. Control of pitch shifting (the same fixed amount for all grains). One grain to the left, two to the right and one circulates in the stereo field.
  6. Six grains in Stereo. Two grain size controls, each one for three grains, generating different textures / rhythms. Three grains are output to the left and three to the right.
  7. Three flying grains. Control of size and panning rate. Panning creates a stereo spread.
  8. Three modulated grains. Control and modulation of grain size, varying the texture. Output in stereo.

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