Tiptop Audio HATS808 - TR 808 HiHats


This compact Eurorack module contains two of Roland´s TR-808 sounds: the open and the closed hi hat. Both re-create the original analog circuit but have some additional features like a high-gain stage, separate accents, voltage controllable Q and more.



The HATS808 is the TR-808´s real, analog closed and open hi-hat circuits adapted for the use in Eurorack modular synthesizer format and was tested to sound like it did back in the 80´s. adapting to modular format has allowed to add some special features for each voice like independent accent levels, a high-powered gain stage, and a dual-input pulse shaper. Filter Q and VC-Q knobs were added to the main band-pass filter for additional tuning and to allow you to generate crushed tones ands elf-oscillation at the knob´s maximal position - all without compromising the signature sound of the TR-808 hi-hats.

The sound is a mix of six analog square wave oscillators passing band pass filters, This design is responsible for the unique metallic sound of the 808 hi-hats and the subtle differences between single HATS808 modules. The original circuitry ´chokes´ the sounds when open and closed hats are triggered simultaneously and thus allows for a special dynamic sound and can be disabled internally.

Dual pulse shapers at the gate inputs generate a stable pulse and thus provide a stable sound at peak power regardless of your pulse source. A high-powered output gain stage allows you to further to harmonize the sound unsing distortion and clipping.


Each hi hat has a gate input, an accent input and an audio output.
In addition there´s a Cv-input for controlling the filter Q and a bandpass filter output.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide
Current draw: 55mA (30mA @ +12V and 25mA @ -12V)

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