Tiptop Audio MA808 Maraca


Let out the Chicano in you! The Maraca drum voice from the 808 as Eurorack module. The circuitry has been expanded by a wide-range attack parameter making hihat sounds possible. The white noise of the 808 is available at a separate socket.



Maraca features attack and level parameters. Additionally there's a adjustable Accent CV input which is normalized to the gate input i.e. if you like the maraca sound always plays with full level.

The maraca circuitry is based on the 808's white noise (which is available at an individual output). An attack parameter with a wide range has been added and it can blend from the well-known maraca sound to a closed hihat which has a sound somwhere between 808 and 909. The 808's oroginal attack setting is marked with a dot.
Noteworthy behavior at long attack settings: the level drops a little and the sound is played with a little delay what is not necessarily bad for the groove. Imagine using a Hihat module and the Maracas in hihat setting at the same time - you will get a nice laid back feel which will slacken your 16th beat a little. Aren't the folks supposed to move their asses on the floor? Let it groove, baby!


Gate input, accent input
maraca output, 808 white noise output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 33mm deep

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