TipTop Audio - Mantis (green)


The Mantis is an inexpensive, yet high grade Eurorack case for studios and live setups. It comprises two rows with 104 HP each. Thanks to an adjustable angle of slope, the enclosure can be adapted to any location.


The shell of the Mantis is made from injection molded plastic. Due to its compact dimensions and a weight of only three kilograms, the case is a great companion on the road. (It doesn’t have a lid to protect the modules, though.) Using its leg mechanism, the enclosure can be tilted by 45 or 90 degrees. The Mantis offers two rows with 104 HP each, meaning it is considerably wider than, for instance, a Doepfer LC case with its 84 HP per row. For mounting modules, Z-Rails are built in.

The Mantis comes with a Zeus power supply. It provides 3000 mA at +12 V, 1100 mA at -12 V and 300 mA at +5 V. The connectors on the bus board are keyed, hence it is impossible to accidentally plug in a cable the wrong way. A total of 36 modules can be connected.

The Mantis comes with a power supply for connecting the case with a socket-outlet.

The Mantis case is light grey. However, the legs of the enclosure come in a variety of colors. This one has green legs.

The supplied power supply unit has an EU plug. Adapters for e.g. UK are not included.

Inlet for external power brick and an USB socket


Lying flat: 540 x 314 x 107 mm (W x D x H)
Internal dimensions: Two rows with each 104 HP
The Zeus bus board provides 3000 mA at +12 V, 1100 mA at -12 V und 300 mA at +5 V.

3.0 kg
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