Tiptop Audio - Mariana Trench (Z-DSP card)


Mariana Trench transforms the Z-DSP module into a feedback delay network. It can be used to simulate reverberation spaces and to generate very dense echoes. Additionally, it is possible to employ the feedback delay network as a tunable digital waveguide.


The Mariana Trench algorithms are based on feedback delay networks, FDNs for short. As the name suggests, these networks are composed of several echo stages with complex feedback paths. FDNs can be used to simulate the recursive process of sound waves bouncing back and forth in an acoustic space. In other words, they are useful for creating reverb effects. Feedback delay networks can also be utilized as a digital waveguide with tuning options and, of course, to generate dense echo effects. Mariana Trench allows you to explore all of these applications.


ca. 35 x 17 mm

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