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TipTop Audio Mix7 is a seven channel mixer with classic analog sound in just 3 HP. It can sum audio signals, control voltages, trigger or gates. Thanks to low-noise operational amplifiers, teh module provides excellent sound quality. A peak indicator light on the front panel shows if audio clipping occurs, helping the user to keep the sound clean. Furthermore a user-configurable jumper allows to set the module for mixing at unity gain or to give it increased headroom for use with hot audio signals.



Mix7 from TipTop Audio is a very compact and flexible summing mixer. It features seven channels for mixing audio signals, control voltages, triggers or gates. The circuit is built with low-noise operational amplifiers providing pristine sound quality for mixing audio. Thanks to a peak indicator light, the user can detect any clipping.

To avoid hot signals from clipping, a jumper at the back of the module allows to change the configuration of the mixer. Without the jumper, Mix7 is in unity gain mode which means the level of each input equals that of the output. With the jumper, the input levels are attenuated, providing more headroom for mixing loud audio signals without distortion. The module is shipped in unity mode.


Seven signal inputs
Signal output


3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide, 43 mm in depth.
Power consumption: 25 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V

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