Tiptop Audio - Numberz


Numberz is a USB device that communicates with a software front-end on your PC. It can be used to download Z-DSP programs including the display text to non-volatile blank cards. On the other hand you can plug it in directly into the Z-DSP for realtime programming.



Writing your own programs is possible with the software Spin ASM (for Windows only) which you can download direcly from Spin. All other information, manuals and examples can be found at TipTop Audio´s product page. See links section at the bottom of the page.
Numberz contains the USB device, a USB cable and three blank DSP cards.

With Numberz you can:

  • download free DSP programs from the web and "burn" them into cartridges
  • modify existing programs for new and interesting effects
  • write and debug Z-DSP programs in a real-time environment
  • share your programs online with other Numberz users
  • share your programs on Z-DSP cartridges with other users
  • create your own text for the Z-DSP display

USB Standard A socket for connecting to your PC
socket for inserting Z-DSP cards into Numberz

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