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The QuantiZer is specialized in adjusting control voltages to match a major or minor scale according to the 1V per octave standard. Alternatively, the user can create individual scales employing the twelve notes familiar from western music. Results can be transposed plus there is a Portamento function. Furthermore, the QuantiZer has recording capabilities to capture creative ideas on the fly. Using the module is easy. It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. Tonal stability and performance are excellent.



The QuantiZer is a digital processor driving analog control voltage circuitry. Its speed is exemplary. Converting a signal takes the module less than half a millisecond. The unit can process almost every control voltage there is, thanks to its switchable input range. (0-5V, 0-10V, +/- 5V) Alternatively to running free, the QuantiZer is able to synchronize to external equipment. Its clock input can process signals based on 16th triggers (4 PPQ), DIN material from old Roland gear or a DAW signal (24 PPQ). Last but not least, it is possible to run the module using TipTop Audios SyncBus system (96 PPQ).Beside the clock channel, there is a Reset input. Its mode of operation changes according to the selected clock type.

The QuantiZer can work with a major, minor or individual scale. The latter can be composed by the user, employing the twelve notes typically utilised in western music. Finished configurations can be saved in 24 memory slots, which are divided into two banks. Swift changes between scales are not a problem, thanks to the elaborate layout of the module. Choosing a root note and editing individual scales is done with the “button keyboard” at the right side of the front panel. Additionally, it is possible to play notes manually and transpose the Quantizer’s output signal in semitones. The same things can be done with the slider. Furthermore, the user is able to do octave shifts and add Portamento with this component. A scale CV input allows the scale selection or transpose parameter to be modulated.

The Sketch Pad function records notes entered manually on the button keyboard and with the slider. It holds up to 512 steps. The user can play back the results in sync with incoming clock and reset signals. Thanks to the SyncBus, the Sketch Pad is also usable in conjunction with a Circadian Rhythms.

The QuantiZers firmware can be updated via USB Flash drive.


input for main control voltage (Note CV), modulation control voltage (Scale CV), clock and reset signals.
1V/Oct output


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 43 mm deep
power consumption: 60 mA at +12 V, 5 mA at -12 V

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